Bicycle Motocross (BMX) racing started in the 1970’s when kids began imitating adults racing motorcycles with their bicycles.  It wasn’t long before BMX racing moved from the vacant lots to more structured events at the local and national level.

Today’s version of BMX racing is a fun, exciting sport that has something for participants of all ages (almost) and experience.  Riders can choose to participate at the local, provincial and national levels, and in 2008 BMX racing will make it’s first appearance in the Summer Olympic games in Beijing. 

So, what is BMX racing and how can I get involved?

BMX racing is a race where participants on bicycles race on a track that can range anywhere from 1,000 to 1,300 feet long.  The track has a starting position at the top of small hill, with the rest of the track filled with obstacles that the rider must go over.  Most riders roll over the obstacles, but a few more experienced riders may jump over them.  Riders are organized into groups called “Motos” based on their age and skill level to make the racing as competitive as possible.  There will be no more then 8 riders and no fewer then 3 in each moto.

As for getting involved you can get in touch with someone at Erik Goetzinger BMX or stop by  the track during a scheduled race to get the information you need to start racing and check out a race.  If you want to give racing a try we offer a free single race license and the sign-up fee for the race is $7.00.  We also will be holding a new riders clinic at the start of the season so please take a look at the schedule for information on the date, time and cost of the clinic.

How old do I have to be to start racing?

There is no age limit as long as you can ride a bike.  We have riders as young as 2 years old participating in our “half-track” event.  There are even a few dads and moms who race and we would love to have more.  

What do I need to start racing?

The first thing you will need is a bike.  No kidding eh!  While there are bikes that are specifically designed for BMX racing, you don’t need one of these to give it a try to see if you like it.  A BMX style bike or a mountain bike is perfect to start out on.  We will ask you to remove items like grinding pegs, kick stands and fenders before racing, however if you forget to do this or don’t have the tools to do this we will help you out at the track.

You will also need some safety gear.  The most important piece of safety gear is a helmet!  A regular bicycle helmet is OK but we strongly encourage you to invest in a full-faced helmet.  A full-faced helmet will help keep your face looking good and your teeth in your head.  A long sleeved shirt and long pants are also mandatory, even if the weather is hot.  While gloves are not required, they are strongly recommended.  This might seem obvious, but closed toed shoes are also mandatory.

How much does it cost to race?

The ABA license will cost you  $55.00 for 12 months.  This will allow you to race at any ABA sanctioned track in Canada or the US.  

Local “single point” racing, which is what we usually race, will cost you $7.00 per race.  We will hold a Provincial qualifying race that is a “double point” race and that will cost $15.00.  It costs more, but you get a nice award for participating.  We will also hold a “Race for Life” event, which every ABA track in BC holds in support of the BC Children’s Hospital.   This race costs $20.00 to race and while you get “double points”, the real winners are the kids who need treatment at Children’ Hospital.

 Take a look at the Fees page for information.

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