Time To Check Your Bike

This is a reminder to check your bike over to make sure that it's safe to ride and race!  Here are the things you or your parents can check over before every race.

1.  Tires.  Make sure there is enough air pressure in the tires.  50 to 70 psi for 1.5 inch or larger tires and 70 to 100 psi for the 1 3/8 and 1 1/8 tires.  The air pressure should be checked at least every other week or more.

2.  Nuts and Bolts.  Make sure that all the nuts and bolts are snug and tight, especially those that hold the wheels on.  Also check the cranks and handle bars to make sure they have no "play" in them and that the bolts are tight.  While you are checking the nuts and bolts, spray a little Jig-A-Loo lubricant on the threads to keep them from rusting on.  Jig-A-Loo can be purchased at Canadian Tire.

3.  The Chain.  This is the part that make the bike go!  It should be rust free and clean and it shouldn't be too loose.  Chain oil that is typically used on mountain bikes isn't the best product to use on BMX bike chains.  Chain oil can cause dirt to collect in the chain and is very messy.  Like with the nuts and bolts, spray Jig-A-Loo lubricant on the chain and let it soak in.  Dirt won't collect on the chain with this product and it isn't messy.  Try to put this product on every couple of weeks.  If you are not comfortable adjusting the chain if it's loose then either take it to your local bike shop or ask for help at the track.

4.  The Brakes.  Make sure that the breaks stop the bike when you are riding it.  This is easy to do.  Just go for a ride and put on the brakes.  Next make sure they the breaks are not rubbing on one side of the wheel when you are not using the breaks.  Pick up the bike and spin the rear wheel.  The breaks should not rub and stop the tire.  If they do then they need to be adjusted.  There is a small set screw on each side of the breaks. Either loosen or tighten the screw to adjust the position of the break.  If you aren't comfortable with this ask your bike shop or ask at the track.


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